5 reasons why most people don’t reach their goals.

The Intro.

I’ve traveled through a variety of seasons and have linked up with all types of people and personalities. I’ve seen many people form really good ideas that could have become great businesses or projects, if they would have pushed forward. Here are 5 reasons I believe most people don’t reach their goals, but hopefully you will.

The Give Up.

Whether it’s one day, one week or one year after they start something, most people give up. The process of coming up with an idea and doing something fresh is super exciting, but seeing it all the way through is often hard, painful and time consuming.

When you decide to set a new goal or accomplish a dream, remember that great things aren’t built in a day. Give yourself at least 5 years to see it through and pivot little by little over time if need be.

The Comparison.

While working towards your goal it’s very important that you don’t compare yourself to others. This is a waste of time, energy and often leads to discouragement. It’s great to gain inspiration from others, but the story of your life is being created now, don’t add their chapters to your story. In other words, just because it happened that way for them, doesn’t mean it’s best for you.

If this is difficult for you, try unfollowing those on social media you often compare yourself to. The key thing is to focus on making steps toward your goal and not worry about what others are doing, or not doing.

The Limiter.

It’s also important not to share your plans with everyone. Most people mean well, but sometimes they can place their limitations on you. Just because they can’t see how a thing can be accomplished, doesn’t mean it can’t be. Avoid telling your goals or dreams to people who often sprinkle doubt into anything you share with them. This also applies to family members and friends as well.

It’s definitely cool to have people around you who care about what you are doing. Even sharing with those who ask questions and challenge you to think is great, but don’t allow others to place limits on you. Just because it didn’t work for them, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

The Hater.

People who hate on you and your goals can be a good source of fuel when aiming to prove them wrong, but don’t share anything with them. They really don’t want to see you win. Somehow they feel a win for you is a loss for them, which isn’t true. More on the scarcity mindset later.

The High Horse.

Thinking too highly of yourself can be extremely toxic. I’ve seen it hurt companies, lives, marriages, friendships and even music groups. Pride blocks you from being able to see when certain decisions need to be made. For example, you might need help with something and have too much pride to ask.

This also can manifest itself in how you treat others. What do you do when the person you looked down on and treated horribly, elevates to the gatekeeper you need help from. We should treat everyone the right way because it’s the right thing to do.

The Conclusion.

These are some of the things I’ve seen hinder people from accomplishing their goals, dreams and becoming who they are designed to be. If we don’t pay attention, we can easily get tripped up as well.

Can you think of anything else that could hinder someone while reaching for their goals? List them in the comments below.

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