Why I decided to start writing.

Let’s go!

If you’ve been following me for years you’re probably thinking you’ve seen me blog before and you’re right, but I had another motivation. I was really interested in blogging for money over 7 years ago, and starting with that mindset is totally different than writing for the sake of writing, not necessarily monetary gain.

When I was around the age of 11 I read a lot of books, it was something I was passionate about. I remember winning coupons for Pizza Hut Personal Pan pizzas after writing mini reports on the books I read, which I enjoyed also.

So excited after school because I could stop by and grab a pizza to go with my afternoon cartoons. To be honest eventually I figured out how to read the beginning, middle, and back of the book to get over on the system, but I really did enjoy reading and writing.

As I got older I believe I drifted away from reading and writing because it wasn’t something a lot of my friends did, and in my high school years I got more into sports, music, and typical teenager stuff.

When I hit my early 20’s my love for reading and writing returned and I’ve been battling internally for years about really focusing in and sharpening my writing skills. This is actually what this website is about, me growing my love of writing and story telling, at the same time sharing insights about any of the worlds I’ve been a part of over the last 15 years.

Who is the demographic for this content? I think that’s the wrong question, and I truly have no idea. This is me in the lab like a scientist, creating, inventing and documenting. Hopefully I can give you gems along the way.

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